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Who will be the next manager at Fulham?

Kit Symons is gone, and the club needs a replacement. Will they go safe? Do something unexpected? Who knows, but that won't stop us from speculating.

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Who's not coming

Brendan Rodgers

Let's start by eliminating the most unlikely candidates. Brendan Rodgers is not going to come to Fulham. He can hold out for a Premier League job and any job he takes is going to have to pay him more than what Liverpool are paying him not to manage.

Bob Bradley

Bob Bradley may have been the ideal candidate. The problem is, he just took a job in France last week. Unless he has some sort of out in that contract, it's almost impossible to see him leaving right away.

David Wagner

For similar reason, David Wagner isn't going to be a candidate. He might have been more ideal than Bradley. He's also American, but his experience is all in European football. Alas, he just took a job with Huddersfield Town, and isn't likely to jump ship that fast.

Patrick Vieira

Patrick Vieira might be a great manager. He might be worse than Symons. We really have no evidence one way or the other. His managerial resume isn't much different than Kit's was when he took over. Unless you believe managing in Manchester City's academy system is better than in Fulham's. As of yesterday, he probably had the highest ceiling of any of the betting favorites. However, he was just appointed as the manager of New York City FC, so he's off the table.

Betting favorites

Steve Bruce

For some reason, Steve Bruce is the heavy betting favorite. I'm not exactly sure why. He has no connection to the club or to London. Hull City is currently leading the division. Why would he want to take over a club in a worse spot? The only answer that makes sense is money. But, is anyone so excited about Steve Bruce that they want to shell out a ton of money for him?

Harry Redknapp

Why is Harry's name always floated? Is it just because the press love him? When was the last time he really looked like he knew what he was doing? When was the last time he didn't leave a club in financial ruin? I'm sure the press would love to have him around, but I sure wouldn't.

Nigel Pearson

Another guy who simply doesn't excite me is Nigel Pearson. He did alright at Leicester City, but his replacement has done better. He also seemed to have many personality conflicts there. On the plus side, he's proven he can lead a squad to promotion. The question is was it him or the players?

Interesting long shots

Mark Warburton

He's a longshot because he's only been at Rangers since June. However, right now the Fulham job is simply a better job than Rangers. On the plus side, he knows the division and he proved that he can have success in the division while at Brentford FC. He also was at Brentford long enough to be versed in the analytics that we know Fulham are trying to implement. He'd probably be a great hire, but he might be quite hard to get.

David Weir

If you can't get Warburton how about his top assistant? Weir would definitely leave his place at Rangers for an opportunity to be a manager. The question is, would he be any good? His time in charge at Sheffield United was not very good. But he's had a lot of time to learn under Warburton and may be ready for another shot.

Steve Wigley

He left Fulham to work as Stuart Pearce's assistant at Nottingham Forrest. Pearce got sacked so now he's out of a job. He'd be a good fit as he knows a lot of the youth in the system. But if he was the right guy, why wasn't he promoted instead of Kit Symons in the first place?

David Moyes

David Moyes is now unemployed. His time at Real Sociedad wasn't good. Neither was his time at Manchester United. There's also questions about how good of a tactician he really is. He was very good at organizing a defense at Everton though, and that's what Fulham need right now. Two successive failures might see him ready to use Fulham to rebuild his reputation.

Uwe Rösler

He managed at Brentford under Mark Warburton and got them promoted from League One. But his time at Wigan Athletic and Leeds United in the Championship was not good. His style is attractive and actually fits in well with Fulham's personnel. He'd be an ideal candidate in my opinion. However, he's not a very big name and the last German at Craven Cottage didn't work out so well. That might be enough to keep him from being a possibility.

Paul Lambert

Paul Lambert had success everywhere he's been, except Aston Villa. No one has had success at Aston Villa recently, so I'm not sure how much you can blame him. He'd definitely be one of the safer hires that could be made.

Shots in the dark, that might be exciting

Glen Riddersholm

Do you know who he is? I'll forgive you if you don't. He was in charge of FC Midtjylland as they became the most analytic team in Europe. How much he had to do with that is unknown, and the fact that the club let him go when his contract expired doesn't shine a favorable light on him. We do know though that he isn't going to reject new methods of doing things out of hand.

Brian Priske

This is another situation where getting the assistant might be as good as getting the man himself. He's still at FC Midtjylland. He's famous there for teaching about set pieces, where the club were able to score an absurd amount of goals. Perhaps he can teach the Fulham players how to defend them?

Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink

He played at both Chelsea and Charlton Athletic, so he's familiar with London. He's been having success at Burton Albion and has been rumored to be moving to the Championship. He's one of the favorites for the Queen's Park Rangers job. What could be better than swooping in and taking him away from QPR and having him lead us back to the Premier League?

Glenn Hoddle

Is it time for him to come back to managing? He claims to have turned down lots of jobs in the past. Eventually though, no one is going to offer him work anymore. If he wants to come back this could be the time. He hasn't held a managerial job in almost a decade though, and there would be some question to if the game has past him buy.

Completely out of left field, but not entirely crazy

Jason Kreis

Jason Kreis was long considered one of the best managers in America after is success with Real Salt Lake. When his contract expired he was signed by City Football Group to take over their new team. He spent a year studying at Manchester City and then one year in charge at New York City FC. The team wasn't good (though that was to be expected). However, he seemed to be at odds with the CFG management because they gave him players he didn't want. Most of the people who follow MLS thought his dismissal was crazy. Would he be able to work outside of MLS? I have no idea, but it would be an interesting experiment.

Who do you think Fulham should hire? One of these guys? Someone we missed?