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Slavisa Jokanovic to be new Fulham manager?

Football Insider is reporting that Fulham are close to announcing Slavisa Jokanovic as the new manager, and Cottagers Confidential has independently confirmed from sources close to Israeli Football that Jokanovic looks to be leaving Macabi Tel Aviv.

Could our long nightmare be over? Could Fulham have a manager? It's beginning to look that way, but we've thought that a few times before. This could still fall apart due to all manner of issues (we've already seen at least two or three hires blow up at the last minute).

Maccabi Tel Aviv has one of their most important matches of the season later today. They are tied at the top of the table and have a chance to knock of their rival and take sole possession of first place. There will be a press conference after, and Jokanovic will definitely be asked about the Fulham job. We should know fairly soon if this is going to happen or not.

After the fixtures this week though, the pressure for a good hire has become less important. The odds of Fulham finishing sixth or better took a huge hit when Fulham could not manage a win against Bolton. The reason to bring in a manager quickly, was to give him enough time to get the club up, but that ship has most likely sailed. Now the goal should be to stabilize, build for next year, and make a real push; not just for the playoffs, but to win the league next season.

Jokanovic would appear to be a good hire to do that. He's young, well thought of, but has quite a bit of experience already. He was able to get Watford promoted last year (and almost won the league), so we know this is a job he can do. More importantly, he was successful with a squad that he didn't build. He was brought in to an existing team and managed to get the most of them. With Fulham, he will not be tasked with building a team so that will be a very important skill to have.