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Bryan Ruiz 'not happy at Fulham'


Harry Engels/Getty Images

According to NBC's ProSoccerTalk and Argentinian paper La Naicon, World Cup star Bryan Ruiz isn't happy after his Levante move fell through.

Some quotes from the article:

"I am not happy at Fulham, and they know it. I am a professional and I will fulfill my contract in the best way possible. They know that I signed here to play in the Premier League and not in the Championship. This league is not for my style of play, but I‘m stuck here."

On his Levante deal:

"[Fulham] agreed to sell me, but when the loan option came they did not want it. At the end I talked to them and made them see that it was beneficial, and I managed to convince them, but they never wanted to accept a loan."

"I am not sure what happened [between Fulham and Levante], I do not know if Fulham was at fault or not. Each club is responsible for sending the documentation, only they know what happened."

He also showed remorse about originally signing with the Cottagers:

"After four years where things have not always gone right, where the team is relegated and they force me to honor my contract, it is difficult to assess. Maybe it was better to wait and see another option [when I signed], but hey, if I had the opportunity to see the future maybe I would have made different choices. At that time I thought it was the best option I had."

You can read the article here, as well as the original (translated) interview here.