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Wolves Vs. Fulham FC Preview

Wolves Vs. Fulham FC Match Preview

Jan Kruger/Getty Images

On Tuesday the 24th February 2015 the whites will face their last away game of February as Wolverhampton Wanderers host them at the Molinuex. After the whites drew away to Mill wall on Saturday, Fulham boss Kit Symons is eager to get a win. The whites have not won in five games meaning three points tomorrow is crucial. Having won 2 of their last 5 games wolves look the stronger side. Fulham sit 19th in the table and Wolves sit 8th. It looks like it is going to be a thrilling contest with very little separating the two teams. The whites hope to end this spell of win less games by showing an incredible performance . With hope, many Fulham fans will be travelling  to wolverhampton to watch a rather intense game. With only 12 games of the Championship left the whites need to get many wins under their belt as possible.