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Fulham at Wolves: Three Questions with Wolves Blog

Since Fulham and Wolves drew 0-0, the squads have gone in opposite directions. Both teams need a result in this fixture, but what does Wolves Blog think?

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Cottagers Confidential: Fulham and Wolverhampton have seemed to go in different directions since their 0-0 draw in January. Wolves are now just 5 points off the playoff spots while Fulham are just 5 points off the relegation spots. Does that make this a must win game for Wolves?

Wolves Blog: It's probably not quite a must-win as there are still enough games left to get the points total we'll need for the play-offs. But this is definitely one of the more winnable games on paper. Fulham have stuttered again after a mini-resurgence and at Molineux I expect Wolves to cause them a lot of problems.

CC: Dicko, Sako, and Afobe are quite a three headed monster. Which player should Fulham fans most fear?

WB: Hard to single any of the three out, but at a push I'd still say Sako. If he's given the time and space to get on the ball on the final third, he'll cause problems for any team. Has looked a bit leggy in recent weeks and teams have done a good job in doubling up on him of late, but he's still the main man for me.

CC: Wolves may be 5 points off the playoff places, but even after their 5-0 thrashing of Rotherham, they still only sport a +3 GD. While the gap in points between the playoff spots and 7th and 8th are very small, goal differential suggests the difference in quality may be much larger. How confident are you that Wolves can actually sneak into one of those spots?

WB: Yeah, goal difference is a concern. It's effectively another point so it makes the job even harder. I doubt we'll make up the goal difference on any of the teams in the top six between now and the end of the season so we'll just have to get more points. I don't necessarily subscribe to the idea that goal difference suggests a big difference in quality though. Sometimes there are just freak results and other times teams get the right fixtures at the right times e.g. Bournemouth winning 8-0 against Birmingham. Yes, a better GD does suggest the margins of victory have generally been larger for the teams above us, but that can be for many reasons. Had it not been for one 5-game sequence of heavy defeats, which is generally out of character for the rest of the season, Wolves' GD would be as good as most. Overall though, I'd say I'm 50-50 on whether or not we'll get in play-offs. The talent is there, but that's true of all the other clubs. It's anyone's game.

CC: Predicted Lineup and result?


Predicted lineup


Predicted score

3-1 Wolves