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Cottage Talk Exclusive: Fulham Deny Steve Bruce Story

On the latest episode of Cottage Talk Extra Time, I read a quote from Sarah Brookes, who is the Director of Communications for Fulham Football Club, and she denied the Steve Bruce story that broke yesterday from a reporter for Sunday People Sport.

Alex Livesey/Getty Images

The Daily Mirror ran a story last night from a reporter for Sunday People Sport, that Fulham are set to offer Hull City manager Steve Bruce a £15 million contract this summer.

I contacted the Director of Communications for Fulham to get a comment on this Steve Bruce story that I could share on Cottage Talk. Here is the response I got back from Ms. Brookes.

"I'm more than happy for you to say that the piece has no substance whatsoever. It isn't the first time that speculation regarding other managers have been made, and no doubt won't be the last but there is no truth to this piece at all."

Football clubs will always have speculation surrounding them. You can make your own judgment on this story, but Fulham have responded strongly denying this speculation.

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