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BREAKING: Fulham Refute Steve Bruce Rumours

BREAKING: After BBC Sport, The Daily Mail, The Mirror and The Sun all report that a huge £15m deal is lined up for Hull City manager Steve Bruce, Fulham refute the claims that a managerial change is on the way.

Relieved: His job is still intact
Relieved: His job is still intact
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Sarah Brookes, Director of Communications at Fulham Football Club has commented on the rumours surrounding a managerial switch for the recently stabilised Cottagers.

"I'm more than happy for you to say that the piece has no substance whatsoever. It isn't the first time that speculation regarding other managers have been made, and no doubt won't be the last but there is no truth to this piece at all."

"Bruce has already overseen the promotion campaign of two other sides – Birmingham City and two seasons ago with Hull – and Shahid believes in his abilities so much he is willing to pay the former Manchester United defender £12m over three season with potential £1m bonuses per annum, reports the Sun.

The experienced coach has the credentials to do the job for a Whites' side who have struggled to find consistency, morale and ultimately results in the past few months. Kit Symons was brought in as a stabilizer, but owner Khan wants more out of the team which he has invested more than £30m into."

HOWEVER, Brookes implies the job of Kit Symons is strongly intact and Shahid Khan will back him for the foreseeable future.

While the rumours still float amongst social media, Twitter and Facebook outraged at this 'gossip', Cottagers Confidential can safely report that these rumours have been scrapped.

This news should put everyone back into a calm mood - Hull City fans have been frantic since the stories emerged.

The denial may be a positive for Fulham fans also, as some said that "Steve Bruce for Fulham seems an ill-advised move. Way too much money for only an above average coach." The deal would have been a huge investment from Khan, so maybe it is best that it doesn't go ahead.

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