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Preview: Fulham versus Bolton with Lion of Vienna Suite

A fairly disappointing result on the weekend and a quick turnaround during the week. Fulham could use a good result here. The fabulous site Lion of Vienna Suite stops by to help us find out if that's possible.

Paul Thomas/Getty Images

Cottagers Confidential: With two disappointing results in a row, Bolton Wanderers have followed in the same steps as Fulham. Not only did you go out of the FA Cup in midweek, you also found yourselves disappointed after Saturday’s matches. What do you think Bolton’s approach will be when attempting to bounce back into form?

Lion of Vienna Suite: We really don't consider last Wednesday's FA Cup loss a poor result. We forced a much bigger, much more expensive club then us to play 180 hard-fought minutes and barely scrape a 2-1 win thanks to a wonder-goal. Our supporters felt really good going into Saturday's match, but the players were just shattered after the Liverpool game. I think the quick turnaround hurts us, but our home form has been much better than away form, and I think Fulham will see a very different side from the one that capitulated so easily to Derby County.

CC: Last time out Fulham triumphed, with a thorough 4-0 win, however a lot has changed. In particular, Neil Lennon has turned your form around, especially at home. What in particular has he changed around and why has it had such a drastic impact onto your recent results?

LOVS: He has taken a lot of the same players, put them in their preferred positions, and organized the defense much better. Dougie Freedman always seemed to be playing five guys out of position and trying to force square pegs into round holes. Lennon has promoted youngsters (Both Josh Vela and Zach Clough will start on Saturday), brought others in from the cold (Darren Pratley, though injured at the moment, has been a revelation under Lennon), and changed systems as well as formations based on the strengths of the players that he has available to him.

CC: As for danger men, I watched in awe as you brought in Emile Heskey and Eider Gudjohnson, but how much of a difference do you think they will make when it comes to Tuesday’s fixture? I understand both have been struggling from fitness problems, but will they still provide a goal-scoring threat like the two veterans used to (They were a joy to watch at Liverpool and Barcelona)?

LOVS: Heskey is out with a hamstring injury and unlikely to feature for another two weeks. Gudjohnsen has had to start several matches over the last month or so due to injuries, but Lennon always envisioned him as a danger man off the bench in the second half. Now that we have made some new signings and Clough has returned from injury that will be the Iceman's role. You can still see his class when he's on the ball, but his finishing has not been what it once was. That said, being able to come on for twenty minutes against a tired defense could be of great benefit to the 37-year-old.