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Leeds United Preview: Three questions with Through It All Together

Nine games remain. Fulham need to win these kinds of games at home if they want to stay up. Thomas Hill from Through It All Together stops by to help us see how likely that is.

Clint Hughes/Getty Images
Cottagers Confidential: So it looks like Leeds is safe, but unless there's some miracle going to be in the Championship again next year. What do the fans want to see in the final nine game?
Through It All Together: Although it's Leeds, I would agree and say we are safe this season. Which is down to the hard work of Neil Redfearn and his new assistant Steve Thompson. It didn't look good for us at one point but they've turned it around. We've added some youth players into the squad and we are playing well. For the final few games, more of the same. Passion, heart and just finish as high as we possibly can ahead of next season. It's been another year to forget but we've got to think positive going forward.
CC: Matt Smith and Ross McCormack have recently been re-united up top for Fulham. Are you excited to see them again?
TIAT: Not really. I rate them both highly. I thought Smith was coming into his own when we sold him and it didn't make any sense to me as he's a unique striker. Offers something totally different to anyone else. Ross was quiet in the first game of the season and let's hope that continues as he can be deadly when in form.
CC: Leeds has only scored 39 goals this year. What's wrong with the offense? How hard has it been to watch them play this year? TIAT: We don't have any wingers so we struggle to create chances at times. We've also changed our team too much and we need to really build on our squad during the summer to help us. It's been incredibly frustrating to watch as I think we have a better squad than the last few seasons...we've just got no width to help us out. We lack pace too and we need to do more. We've been able to see some young academy players come through and that's been fantastic as they're brilliant. CC: If you could predict a score and lineup.
TIAT: I'll go 2-1 Leeds...Line-up Silvestri, Wootton, Bamba, Belluschi, Beradi, Murphy, Cook, Mowatt, Sharp, Antenucci, Taylor