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Match Report: Fulham 0 - Leeds United 3


Jamie McDonald/Getty Images

Put it this way:

If Wigan starts winning games, we're heading to League One. Anyway. Fulham lost 3-0 to Leeds on Wednesday. At home.

The Whites played pretty well in the first half, with the first attempt of the game going to Ross McCormack in the 6th minute. Giuseppe Bellusci attempted to clear the ball with a header, but the ball landed nicely at the Scot, whose shot was saved by Marco Silvestri. Silvestri couldn't hold the ball however, this time it was cleared before Ryan Tunniclife could pounce. A through ball from Bryan Ruiz met Matt Smith just two minutes later, his shot was turned away by Bellusci. Ruiz took a dangerous shot a minute later from 35 yards that Silvestri had to dive to tip over the bar.

Now, basically, for ten more minutes Fulham dominated the attack. Ruiz missed. Konstantinos Stafylidis missed. Smith missed again. Ruiz missed again! Then Smith missed again!

Leeds got a chance after all of this. Bellusci hit a volley from 30 yards out which was easily saved by Bettinelli.

Then McCormack scored! From a volley! But it was offside. Then Smith tried a volley, and it missed. Then Hoogland missed a chance.

But after almost a whole half of chances from the Whites, Leeds finally took the lead. Gaetano Berardi's cross was met with a header by Sam Byram. 1-0. Tim Hoogland responded quick but took his shot waaaaay off target.

Billy Sharp was given a yellow card in the first minute of the second half for not allowing the Whites to take a free kick. I had to read this a lot to understand it. I still don't. He didn't let them take a free kick? What? How does that even work? Anyway. Alex Mowatt whipped in a corner which met the head of Sol Bamba, whose quick header was too fast for Bettinelli to get a hand on. 2-0.

This is where it gets weird. Stafylidis didn't agree with a throw-in decision, and he was given a yellow. Then he fouled Byram. Why? I have no idea. Second yellow, then a red.

Tunniclife failed a volley attempt from just eight yards out. Alexander Kačaniklić came on for Bryan Ruiz. Shaun Hutchinson's header hit the post! Then Smith missed again! He literally missed by a yard! Leeds brought Steve Morison on, replacing Billy Sharp. Matt Smith missed again. He headed wide. He then missed again. AGAIN. This time it was a low shot that lacked power, making for an easy Silvestri save. McCormack missed this time, his header going wide.

Changes from both teams followed after this, with Leeds bringing on Antenucci to replace Mowatt, while Seko Fofana came on for our own Ross McCormack. Fofana immediately made an impact on the game, crossing to Hoogland who then skied his effort over the bar. dfhosfjasdf - anyway, Bamba was booked for stopping Bettinelli from being able to drop the ball (weird). And then Leeds made it three. Byram's cross met our keeper, who punched the ball away, before Antenucci screwed up his shot, sending it into the ground, bouncing off and somehow landing into the net. Kacaniklic had the last effort of the game, which was saved by Silvestri (is the man made of steel?).

We had 27 shots. None of them went in. We face Hudersfield Town at John Smith's Stadium on Saturday. Sigh.

COYW. Well, try to.