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Fulham Fixture Outlook: Matches 35-37 - Watford, Bournemouth, Sheffield Wednesday

As we approach the end of Fulham's first Championship season, we countdown the matches - 3 at a time. Helping me predict the Whites' scores are: Tom (@DareToLVC) and Emma (@emma_crook) Feel free to comment your predictions down below... This week: Watford, Bournemouth, Sheffield Wednesday

Dream Win - Fulham 2-0 Derby
Dream Win - Fulham 2-0 Derby
Ian Walton/Getty Images

Match 35/46

Tue 3 Mar 2015

17:45 vs Watford

Vicarage Road (Away)

Has Kit Symons finally dug his claws in? A brand new mentality against top of the league Derby County led to a convincing, yet shocking 2-0 victory. The players seemed to understand what to do on the pitch, and how to treat themselves off it as well. Cauley Woodrow said 'we knew we were going to win'. Symons' theory will, for the second time, be put to the test against a fourth-placed Watford side, who host the Whites in very good condition. 10 goals in their last 4 league games mean the in-form side will be all the more confident about securing a result against a Fulham side who find themselves 22nd in the form guides. However, this match presents a chance for Kit Symons to prove his side can be consistent, that a win against Derby is just the beginning and the Whites can push on from that win. It will be a tough ask... and most likely a bridge too far. Maybe a shock on the cards?

Ethan predicts: Watford 2-0 Fulham

Tom predicts: Watford 1-1 Fulham

Emma predicts: Watford 2-1 Fulham

Match 36/46

Fri 6 Mar 2015

20:00 vs Bournemouth

Craven Cottage (Home)

Another tough match comes immediately after Fulham's visit to Watford; the team that's been proving the bookmakers wrong all season - Bournemouth. However, a recent dip in form may give the Whites a chance as the club have only gained 3 points from their last 5 league games - the same as Fulham. However, they have faced far harder opposition and still look like an incredibly strong outfit, maybe even a challenger for an automatic promotion spot. They are currently 5th in the league standings and are truly prolific, netting 67 goals this season. With their sharp pass and move football and brilliance on the wing, AFC look simply unbeatable for a Fulham side who lack the defensive abilities required in this kind of match. What will impact this game most is undoubtedly the period between Tuesday nights matches and Friday, both vital for recovering fitness.

Ethan predicts: Fulham 1-3 Bournemouth

Tom predicts: Fulham 1-1 Bournemouth

Emma predicts: Fulham 0-2 Bournemouth

Match 37/46

Sat 14 Mar 2015

15:00 vs Sheffield Wednesday

Hillsborough Stadium (Away)

After last time's 4-0 demolition of Sheffield by Fulham, one may anticipate a one-sided tie. But the Championship is an ever changing league, and one which takes no prisoners... Any complacency shown by the Fulham players will be punished. Sheffield Wednesday find themselves enjoying a 2 match win streak, and while that may sound petty, a 2-0 victory over Middlesbrough seems incredibly impressive. The club have turned the form book on it's head, and instead of finding themselves in a relegation scrap, are now chasing down a Play-Off position. And that is far from impossible, the club are in 10th place and just 14 points off the all important 6th place. And we all know 14 points in the Championship isn't as far off as it sounds. Meanwhile after 2 incredibly tough fixtures, Fulham can dedicate 8 days to working hard in preparation for this match, which will in no doubt be a hard fought fixture away from home.

Ethan predicts: Sheff Wed 1-1 Fulham

Tom predicts: Sheff Wed 1-1 Fulham

Emma predicts: Sheff Wed 2-2 Fulham

Total Points Haul

Ethan: 1 point

Tom: 3 points

Emma: 1 point

Note: Congratulations to the 21 of you who successfully predicted we would gain 4 points from our matches against Millwall, Wolves and Derby. Though I'm not convinced any of you were expecting 3 of those points to come from the Derby match.