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Match Report: Huddersfield Town 0 - Fulham 2

Hm. Okay.

Jamie McDonald/Getty Images

Well. A last-minute-of-injury-time goal by Seko Fofana meant that we can snag a nice, hard earned victory at John Smith's Stadium today.

Now, I always start these by saying "the game kicked off to blabla" BUT IT GOT OFF TO A REALLY GOOD START THIS TIME, I PROMISE.

Like, Alexander Kacaniklic scored! in the first 2 minutes! So yeah, the game got off to a brilliant start from the Whites, with Cauley Woodrow winning a corner, whom Kacaniklic managed to curl into the net. Curled into the net. Like, miraculously. I can't even do that on FIFA. Huddersfield responded by creating a chance about 5 minutes later, Tommy Smith crossed over to Sean Scannell, the latter's header being easily saved by Marcus Bettinelli. Fast forward to 19 minutes, and again Huddersfield almost created the chance for an equalizer, when Shaun Hutchinson's botched clearance sent the ball toward goal, which Bettinelli parried away for a non-eventful corner.

Ishmael Miller was definitely Huddersfield's best player this game, presenting himself with a lot of chances at goal. His first was a left footed shot that sailed off target, and another was a header toward goal at 37 minutes, which again was easily saved by Bettinelli. Now, I sometimes talk smack about Bettinelli, but he was on FIRE today. Jacob Butterfield launched a hard strike through everyone in the box, before our boy Marcus slapped it away. Whew. He was forced into action once more on the 40 minute mark, this time with Nahkki Wells heading towards the net, off a Miller cross, luckily being deflected off the keeper into the post, while also saving another Miller effort seconds later.

A Fulham counter-attack gave Tim Hoogland a chance at net, though his Volley launched high over the bar. He was also given the first yellow of the game for pulling on Miller's shirt in stoppage time. Joel Lynch headed into Bettinelli's arms for Huddersfield, while Kacaniklic shot over the bar to end the first half.

Almost instantly after kickoff for the second half, Matt Smith was booked for a foul on Lynch. Scannell launched a half-shot, half-cross that actually hit the post, but luckily for us there were no Terriers nearby to put it in. Jacob Buttersfield also had a chance too, his drawing a save from Bettinelli. The game then took a turn for the absolutely mental when Huddersfield were given a penalty, while Cauley Woodrow was sent off for what was apparently a handball on the line. It was discovered that the referee hadn't originally given the decision but changed his mind when surrounded by Huddersfield players. Weird. Then, in a "what?" moment, the referee then decided that it was Shaun Hutchinson, not Woodrow that committed the handball, sending him off instead. Like, what? Anyway, Wells took the kick, Bettinelli saved it, and then Nikolay Bodurov game on for Sean Kavanagh.

We almost made it 2-0 once again when Woodrow found a clipped pass by Hoogland, before he made his way round the keeper (whew), and then somehow managed to hit the post. And then Seko Fofana came on for Kacaniklic. Butterfield chipped to Wells, who found his way close to goal, but botched his attempt and Bettinelli saved.

The Terriers were given a second penalty when Jazz Richards bought down Scannell in the box, for which he was given a yellow, as was Bettinelli for protesting. And yet somehow, amazingly, Wells hit the post. Like, how are you this bad at penalties? The Terriers responded to this by bringing on Joe Lolley and Radoslaw Majewski for Jonathan Hogg and Smith (Not Matt Smith!).

Fulham again had more chances to make it 2-0 in the 79th minute, when Fofana crossed to Woodrow, whose ball couldn't find either Matt Smith or the net, unfortunately. The Terriers then also botched an attempt as Majewski was set up at the edge of the box, but his strike was sent wide. David Edgar had another attempt in the 84th, when he fired a shot toward goal that was eventually blocked, while Bettinelli sent Butterfield's shot into the post, also pouncing onto the ball to prevent Scannell from equalising. Man! This is like the Premier League!  Then, in the 87th minute, Jake Charles came on for Edgar, while Hugo Rodallega came to replace Woodrow. Butterfield's 90th minute attempt landed on top of the net, as six minutes of extra time was announced. Miller's low strike was saved, and Butterfield then shot a long range strike waaaaay over. In the 95th minute, it was our turn to try, as Rodallega's volley dropped before the near post. And then we made it two! He originally hit the post, but hit the rebound into the net. He was booked for celebrating with the team afterwards, which was odd.

But that was it! Our next game is against Brentford on Good Friday (so, April 3rd). COYW!