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Fulham versus Brentford: Three questions with Beesotted

The long boring international break is over and Fulham returns to action against local rivals Brentford. The guys from Beesotted agreed to answer our questions again to preview this match.

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Does anyone hate the international break as much as me? When your national team is playing friendlies that don't matter in timezones that conflict with your work, it's especially bad. Throw in a giant programming deliverable at work and a chest cold that I just can't shake; the last few weeks have been pretty bad for me. Hopefully Fulham's return can brighten up my upcoming days.

Cottagers Confidential: So Brentford find themselves one point out of the playoff positions. Given where you were this season, where did you realistically expect to finish this year? Is just finishing in the playoffs going to be seen as a success.

Beesotted: I think it would be fair to say that few Brentford fans would have dared to dream about how good this season has been. We have witnessed the best football being played by our team in living memory: and the mind-set has been amazing too. If we do lose, we lose trying to win. The success would have been less surprising to the players, management team and the owner… they've prepared thoroughly for the Championship and they are not punching above their weight at all. Our reputation and record since the war is in stark contrast to where we are as a club there days.

Cottagers Confidential: Matthew Benham has made a lot of news with his love of analytics and data driven approach to the game. Most of the big changes are being implemented in Denmark with Midtjylland, but reports suggest some of it is being implemented at Brentford as well. Some might even suggest it was the reason that Mark Warburton was let go. Have the supporters noticed anything different about this data driven approach and how do they feel about it going forward?

Beesotted: This is a topic that has split many fans, and we are at the very start of what will be a fascinating new way of sourcing players. It’s a shame that Mark Warburton and Matthew Benham can’t agree on the veto issue regarding new signings though. Warbs is the kind of manager you’d hope could be at Brentford FC for years to come. Ultimately, however, In Benham We Trust, we have to, he’s the one to have enabled us to see an amazing future… We won’t be getting the dunking stool out… Benham’s model is not witchcraft, it is very very clever research and analysis… little he does fails.

Cottagers Confidential: Andre Gray tore up non league football with Luton Town. His goal record this year makes it look like he's adjusted to the higher level of play just fine. Is he the most dangerous man in the squad? Is he the kind of player that could continue to contribute even if Brentford was to be promoted?

Beesotted: Andre looked knackered before the international break and he’s worked tirelessly all season. Injuries have meant he has pretty much been solo up top all campaign, but he’s never shirked and will be a handful if he starts ahead of Chris Long. Andre really was some signing!

Cottagers Confidential: Predicted result?

Beesotted: Brentford to win 3-1