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Patrick Roberts is in demand

According to the Telegraph all six of the top clubs in the premier league have their eyes set on Patrick Roberts.

Alex Livesey/Getty Images

Fulham had previously put a price tag of £15 million on him. With a contract set to expire in just over a year, teams are circling thinking Fulham might be willing to sell him for less as not to let him leave on a free. Kit Symons confirmed after the game that the club was planning on offering him a new deal. So, what are the chances that Patrick Roberts stays?

He could refuse to sign a new deal, play out his contract and leave on a free; or force Fulham to sell him. However, that's a gamble. One bad injury or any dip in performance could see him lose out on millions. And even if he does move on, how close is he to realistically breaking into a top six lineup? He's having trouble breaking in at Fulham, is he going to get more playing time at Liverpool or Tottenham? He'd likely be sent right back out on loan to a club in the Championship.

His best option is probably to sign a deal but insist on a release clause. A £15 million release clause doesn't sound outrageous for him. That way he'll get to continue to develop at this level, probably seeing much more playing time next year and his financial future will be much better guaranteed.  If I had to guess, I'd say he signs a new deal; but I've been wrong before.

If he reaches his full potential, he will definitely move to a bigger club at some point. I'm just not sure the right time is now.

What do you think? While you think about it just watch this highlight package (even if the music is rubbish).