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Kit Symons to remain Fulham manager according to reports.

Reports are emerging that Kit Symons will be brought back to manage Fulham again for next season.

Ker Robertson/Getty Images

According to published reports and Sky, Fulham are going to bring Kit Symons back for the 2015/16 season. This might come as a shock to some supporters as the swoon to end the season really brought his lack of experience into focus. However, if these reports are true, the board seems to have confidence in him. The question is though, should they?

It can never be said too many times that Felix Magath dug the team a hole. When Symons took over Fulham had one point, had scored six goals, and conceded eighteen. Let's assume that the 39 fixtures that Symons managed for are a large enough sample to judge him. In those 39 fixtures, Fulham earned 51 points, scored 56 goals, and conceded 65. If you prorate that over a 46 game season, Fulham would have earned 60 points, scored 66 goals, and conceded 77. While that's not great, finishing around 10th would sure look a lot better than finishing 17th.

Of course, that also ignores the fact that much of Magath's transfer business was horrible. Kay Voser, Gabor Kirlay, Mark Fotheringham, and Adil Chihi all contributed next to nothing. Tim Hoogland only managed 1900 minutes. And while Nikolay Bordruv, Shaun Hutchinson, and Kostas Stafylidis all played a lot of minutes; their quality can be summed by the fact that Fulham conceded 83 goals. Clearly there were problems with the defenders. How much better could Fulham have been if Magath had brought in some better defenders?

I'm guessing there will still be a large portion of the fan base that would like to see someone else come in to manage. However, I'm not sure starting over once again is the best idea. I'm also of the opinion that managers don't matter as much as people think. A great manager is valuable. A horrible manager can destroy a club. But everyone else is just in the middle and will get the results based on the talent in their squad.

So, if Symons is dependent on the talent in his squad, the team should focus on improving that talent as much as possible.