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Moving Forward: Mike Rigg, Kit Symons, and Alistair Mackintosh discuss their roles going forward

What does the future hold? What exactly are the roles of these three men? They discuss that and more here.

The Structure of the Club

Fulham finally have a setup I'm happy with. A Chief Football Officer in Mike Rigg, a CEO in Alistair Mackintosh, and a Manager in Kit Symons. They might not be the best people for each job, but at least for once their is a stable structure. The old days of having an all powerful manager are gone. The modern game is too complicated for one person to be in charge. Mackintosh can work on financial issues, Rigg can deal with player acquisition, and Symons can handle on the field issues. If you have to replace one of them, you aren't blowing up the entire structure to do so. We've seen too much of that lately at Fulham, and it's not something I want to see again.

Next Season's Goals and Plans

The goal for next season is top six. That's a realistic goal to have in my opinion. They haven't yet decided on how much money there will be to spend, but they do have assurances from Mr. Kahn that they will be financially supported. They are coming up with strategies to identify the players that they want. They also explained the Bryan Ruiz situation and that picking up the option was simply to keep from losing him for nothing.

The Riverside Stand

Fulham now have the license to work on the pier and they have bought a chunk of the Thames River. They are moving forward with the plan hopefully starting next year. They feel the project is a long term project that will be completed no matter what division they are in. They also have plans to possibly improve the Hammersmith stand. In the short term, they are going to be spending money on upkeep and custodial issues in the stadium.

This was a video put out by the club, so it was never going to paint the club in a bad light. However, I am encouraged by what I heard. The season is barely over, but I'm already looking forward to the next one.