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Ross McCormack was so good, we don't need to discuss anyone else for player of the year

Unless you're a crazy person, you agree that the season he just put up far surpassed anyone else on the squad.

Ker Robertson/Getty Images

Normally, I'd put a poll up so the fans could decide the player of the year. I don't think there's much of a point in doing that after this season. If you're picking someone other than Ross McCormack for the player of the year, I simply can't understand you.

Ross was the best player on the squad and it wasn't even close. He was the main scoring threat on the team, netting 19 goals (17 in the league). But he also was the main creator on the squad, leading the team with 11 assists (9 in the league). And it wasn't just great finishing by others that led to his assist numbers. He was also number one on the squad in key passes at 1.8 per game. He was one of the best players at taking others on with 1.2 successful dribbles per game. Not only was he great when he was on the field, he was iron man, playing 400 more minutes than anyone else. How many squads have a forward lead their team in minutes?

Fulham were a pretty awful team this year, and someone has to be the player of the year. Last year there was debate between Steve Sidwell, Ashkan Dejagah, and David Stockdale. They all had good seasons relative to Fulham's, but that was a low bar. For Ross though, he had a great season relative to anyone. Patrick Bramford won Player of the Year in the Championship. He scored as much as Ross; but played 1000 less minutes, had 7 fewer assists, fewer key passes, fewer dribbles, and fewer shots per game. If the question was which player has the brighter future, Bramford is the pick as he's only 21; but I don't think Fulham would have been better if the two players were swapped.

It's not just Bramford though, it was a giant snub that Ross wasn't even in the top 10 in voting. Ross was in the top ten in the league for both goals and assists. He was top twenty in key passes. I'm not sure what more you could have asked him to do. Fulham may have a lot of holes to fill, but Ross McCormack is a solid piece to build on.