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Fulham agree to permanent deal for Swansea City's Ashley 'Jazz' Richards

According to reports Fulham have secured a permanent deal for the twenty four year old right back.

Michael Steele/Getty Images

I wasn't sure if right back was the  most pressing defensive need going into this window. The team apparently did not agree as they have moved to bring Jazz Richards in on a permanent deal. Richards made seven appearances for Fulham last season. While the sample is small, the team did only give up nine goals in those games. It could be that he's a good defender, or it could just be noise.

The Welsh international is currently training with his national team. A team where Kit Symons is also an assistant. So, if there's anyone who knows about Richards game, it would probably be Symons.

Hopefully this is just the first move of many to come. Fulham really need to build this squad if they have any chance of competing for a playoff spot next year. Being able to bring in a twenty four year old right back for only £500K is definitely a great start.