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Hugo Rodallega, Chris David and Tim Hoogland among players released by Fulham

Fulham announced the departures of these three players as well as six others.

Hugo Rodallega flies away from Craven Cottage
Hugo Rodallega flies away from Craven Cottage
Ker Robertson/Getty Images

The Club can confirm that Hugo Rodallega will leave Fulham when his contract expires at the end of this month.

Tim Hoogland, Gabor Kiraly, Chris David and Adil Chihi will also be leaving the Club, as will Josh Passley, Solomon Sambou, Jonathan Buatu and Noe Baba.

We’d like to thank all of these players for their contributions to Fulham over the years, and wish them all the best in their future careers.

Those not mentioned who are out of contract with the Club are still in the process of discussion.

Hugo doesn't come as a shock to me. His wages are probably still pretty high, and it's not worth the gamble to pick up his option to try to sell him. With the Jazz Richards transfer appearing to be almost done and Jack Grimmer set to return at right back, Tim Hoogland wasn't going to see much playing time (if he could even stay healthy). Chris David is kind of a surprise, but the team hasn't appeared to be as high on him as many fans and it looks like he might return to the Netherlands. No one is going to miss Chihi or Kiraly. With them gone, the Magath era is almost totally behind us. The last four are academy products. While you'll always want to see kids come through the academy, the reality is that most don't make it. Other than Passley, I haven't heard much about the other players. I do hope they catch on somewhere, it's rather harsh to have your dream killed at such a young age.