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Fulham denies Patrick Roberts bid from Manchester City

According to Get West London, Fulham is denying that there is a bid from Manchester City for the young winger.

Sascha Steinbach/Getty Images

In a story reported by the paper today, club insiders state that there hasn't been any bid for the eighteen year old player.  Kit Symons has stated that Roberts' future is very much with Fulham.

Pat’s very much still developing. You’ve got to protect and nurture these players in every way. Great talent and potential is nothing unless you can get it fulfilled, and we need to find a pathway for Pat to do that.

So is he staying or is he going? Who's story do we believe? If I had to guess an agent or Manchester City probably leaked the £10M offer story to gauge the response and speed things up. That being said, it still wouldn't surprise me to see him go. I can't imagine Roberts ending this window without signing a new contract and continuing on with Fulham. The chance of him leaving on a free would be simply too great.

Hopefully this will all be resolved soon, and we can focus on the more enjoyable parts of silly season: new players.