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The Patrick Roberts to Manchester City saga continues

Another day, another report. This time The Mirror is reporting a done deal.

Charlie Crowhurst/Getty Images

On Tuesday, it was reported £5M fee with another £5M in add ons was accepted for the young forward. But then on Wednesday, the club denied any such offer had been made. Now, more details are emerging.

The Mirror is reporting that Roberts has turned down the latest offer of a new contract from Fulham. If he won't sign, the club have their hands tied. He'd be able to sign a pre-contract this winter, and Fulham would barely be compensated for his loss.

This new report boosts the amount of the upfront fee to £8M upfront, with more addons possible. That is quite a haul for a player that has only 19 senior team appearances.

The report also says that Manchester City would most likely be willing to loan him back to a Championship or lower level Premier League side. Fulham seem to have asked to be the club he's loaned to.

If Fulham do receive £8M up front and get Roberts' services for another season, it's hard to fault a deal like this. You can buy a lot of quality Championship players with that amount of money.