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Matt Smith a Fulham positive perspective

There are plenty of things that may bum you about Fulham the last few years but let's look at one of the the positives of from the 2015/16 opener against Cardiff.

Matt Smith, just doin' his thing.
Matt Smith, just doin' his thing.
Stu Forster/Getty Images

The end of the match left a poor taste in all our mouth. Instead of focusing on that late frustration let's turn our focus on somethings that can cleanse our pallet of that residing flavor sitting upon our tongue, which can taint our perspective, and turn our attention to a few good things that came out of the match.

The one thing that I think we all felt going into the season was that we wished there was a way that we could upgrade the second striker position. That we could some how find someone that could be paired with McCormick that could make his skill set more pronounced and be an attacking threat all his own. Matt Smith showed up and supplied plenty of effort and intensity for a team that consistently needed that up top last season.

Smith took four shots that includes getting to a mishandled parry by Simon Moore that turned into a headed goal needed to help earn the whites a point on the road. It's not a win but any amount of points on the road is nothing to sneeze at in terms of production and a good portion of that is due to Smith and his endeavor.

One game isn't meant to change anything for the season or change our expectations for a player or the squad as a whole. This is a young team with a lot of talent. Matt Smith probably doesn't get more than 20 starts over a full season and that's okay. Moussa Dembele is going to get his share of starts, so is Cauley Woodrow and hopefully Adam Taggart too.

That being said Matt Smith showed once more that he is a capable selection in the Championship and while he isn't going to score 10 or even 15 goals this season, he is going to be a physical presence that can help hold possession, create opportunities and give McCormack a reliable partner. These are details often overlooked when your defense is so horrible it's all anyone wants to talk about. Dan Burn fell over twice in a matter of a single minute while not marking anyone.

The defense is a whole other (bad) story that we can talk about down the road. But for now let's just simply enjoy a surprising bright spot to last week.