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Kit Symons speaks

Kit Symons gave a press conference today. It didn't make me feel super confident. What do you think?

Mike Hewitt/Getty Images

First, he talked about Mitroglou. We've heard rumors about him being gone before, so it's hard to know when they are serious or not. Olympiacos, Besiktas, Sporting CP, now Benfica. What makes this time different? Well, the club seems pretty confident it will get done.

So why a loan and not sell him? Apparently there's a chance Mitroglou eventually suits up for Fulham.

With the money from selling Roberts and Ruiz, plus the loan fees of Stekelenburg and Mitroglou, Fulham should still have some money to spend. Could we get a center back please?

So who could be coming? There are still the Lewis Dunk rumors of course. But at least one target is no longer being looked at.

Sakari Mattila seems to be taking the spot that McDonald would have had. Which is interesting as we have no idea what kind of player Mattila is. Something did come to light though as it was confirmed that the stats department was the force behind bringing him in.

My guess still remains that the stats department is either trying to test or prove some sort of theory or model, but want to do it on the cheap. That's why you've got Mattila. If it works out, they've proven themselves in about the worst circumstances possible. But if it doesn't work out, they might set themselves back on being trusted within the organization.

Also, there have been disturbing rumors about many of the youth players on the way out. It seems every club has interest in Moussa Dembele. Chelsea has shown interest in Moussa Dembele. Now Emerson Hyndman can be added to the list of players who might be going. Let me be the one to say this quote doesn't inspire me with confidence.

When it came to injuries, Fulham aren't in perfect shape. Kit Symons said that Marcus Bettinelli (hip flexor) might not be fit for Cardiff. Ryan Tunnicliffe (suspended), Scott Parker (rehab after surgery), George Williams (recovering from surgery), Luke Garbutt (ankle ligaments), and Fernando Amorebieta (recovering from surgery) all will be out. Adam Taggart has a hamstring issue that will probably keep him out. I have to admit that due to international duty, last seasons loan, and his injury; I forgot Amorebieta was even with the team. His injury isn't supposed to be bad, but that doesn't mean he'll still be at Fulham and playing after the window closes.

Not much was said about the actual match on the weekend. Which I guess is to be expected. Silly Season always seems to take precedence when it is in effect.