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Fulham vs. Sheffield Wednesday Preview: Three questions with Yes We Crann

It's a new year. Fulham have a new man in charge. Will the results be any different? We sit down with Joe Crann from Yes We Crann to see if Sheffield Wednesday are the place to start the turn around.

Clive Rose/Getty Images

Cottagers Confidential: Sheffield Wednesday are 7th. Do you think you'll make the playoffs? Is it relegation or bust for the season?

Yes We Crann: I think we stand a semi-decent chance of playoffs, but I don’t think that missing out on them would be a total disaster. It’s the first season in a long time that we’ve been able to properly hold our own in the Championship and I think that most Wednesdayites are just happy to be on the up. This season is more of a practice season I suppose.

CC: Stuart Gray has joined Fulham (though not as a manager). How do you remember his time there, and do you think he'll do well at Craven Cottage.

YWC: I think the majority of Wednesday fans will always have a lot of time for Gray. He seemed to stabilise the club when we looked to be hitting a downward spiral and I think he’s a good bloke who deserves any success that he gets.

CC: You seem to have combined a decent, but not great attack with a league average defense. What exactly does this team do well, and what's the best way to stop them?

YWC: I mean only four teams in the league have scored more than us this season, yourselves included, and it’s an aspect of our game that we’ve vastly improved on. For the first time in years we have some players genuinely capable of individual brilliance, and we seem to be able to pick up a goal or two. I think if you can stop Forestieri and Bannan playing then you have a better chance of winning, although that is easier said than done, I reckon.