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Case for the Defence

The Case for the Defence - just who should be playing at the back for Fulham?

Ker Robertson/Getty Images

When signing Richard Stearman and Tim Ream, Kit Symons declared their partnership to be our next mainstay Hangaland and Hughes. However, four games into his new era, Jokanovic seems to have lost faith in their partnership and has reverted to Dan Burn and Shaun Hutchinson for the last two games.

It is impossible to say which pairing has been the most successful within the current group, given the amount of goals we have conceded whatever the combination. However, it is important for Jokanovic to come to a decision and stick to it.

Hutchinson and Stearman would be my preferred partnership. It combines the class of Stearman with the nastiness offered by Hutchinson. Whilst Burn is a capable understudy, his passing ability and comfort on the ball have been routinely exposed this season, despite a number of decent displays. Stearman's recent demotion to the bench has been a concern. His pedigree and classy performances place him as our best defender, although as with the entire squad, he is a little too "nice" at the moment and needs to inject some steel into his game.

Jokanovic is keen to enter the loan market to sign a striker, which indicates that the current crop of defenders will be unchanged. Amorebiea remains on loan at Middlesborough and is unlikely to play for Fulham again (unfortunately in my view).

Who do you think is our best pairing at the back?

Let's all agree that the less said about Bodorov, the better.