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More Transfer Rumors: Dembele on the verge of departure

Dembele is in contract talks with Wolfsburg and Monaco. Are they serious, or are they just leverage to get a move in England?

Matthew Lewis/Getty Images

Sky Sports is reporting that Moussa Dembele's representatives are currently in talks with Wolfsburg and Monaco about a "pre-contract agreement".

Moussa's representatives have essentially confirmed this, by stating "We will not discuss Moussa's situation publicly out of respect for Fulham".

This tacitly confirms that there is a situation, the outcome of which is inevitably Dembele's departure.

Sky Sports is referring to a pre-contract agreement, which would indicate that he will leave when his contract expires at the end of the season. If this were to be the case, Fulham would not receive the sort of money that could be achieved if he were to leave during this window. However, as Fulham are currently under a transfer embargo, it will be important to squeeze as much value out of Moussa for the rest of the season.

Moussa is mid way through his first season making a positive contribution to the Fulham side; he has scored goals and been more of a handful than last season. That said, he is very much still a developing player, drifting in and out of games and not being as clinical as he was in the youth team. It will be a real shame to lose a player that Fulham have crafted into the player he now is becoming.

Jokanovic is keen to bring in a new striker on loan during the transfer window. Good strikers come and go and we are hopeful that whoever is brought in can make a positive contribution to the squad.