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Cohen 66 Charity T-Shirts

We were approached by Art of Football to promote their new shirt for the Cohen 66 fund.

Jordan Mansfield/Getty Images

The people at Art of Football approached us to promote their campaign with Fulham for the Cohen 66 fund. They printed up shirts to promote the cause for dementia sufferers. We happily took the chance to write this article to offer our support to the campaign.

Fulham have released 66 limited edition Cohen 66 shirts in order to raise money for the fund. These shirts have been designed by Art of Football. In order to possibly have future campaigns like this one, Art of Football wants these shirts to sell quick and so do we! Here at Cottagers Confidential, we love when Fulham connects with their fanbase and raises awareness for health issues. We will always support anyone who wants to use Fulham's influence for the good of all people.

The link to the t-shirt is down below, along with the image. I have already ordered mine and you should too!