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Fulham vs. Norwich Preview: Three questions

Sometimes you can’t find anyone to answer your questions, sometimes you find multiple people.

Fulham v Norwich City - Premier League Photo by Ian Walton/Getty Images

I put out a call for Norwich fans, and got some responses. We’ve talked to David Wyatt before and he was happy to answer some questions again. Joining him is James Kerridge who rights at Read Norwich.

Cottagers Confidential: You're top of the table and second in goals scored. Some of the advanced stats say that your offense has over performed. Is there any eyeball evidence that you're scoring more than you should, or do you expect to keep this up long term?

James Kerridge: Down in this league with players like Jerome we do traditionally score a lot of goals, but I don't except us to continue to score 3 goals a game, some of the best teams don't do that. We are in very good form at the moment but we will always have lower periods. Eventually the attack will settle down.

David Wyatt: I actually think we should be scoring more. I think we've been extremely wasteful in front of goal, and missed a lot of opportunities. Cameron Jerome does a lot of good things, but he should have double what he has, I think it's a little bit of confidence missing. We're still trying to find the right formula. The win against Rotherham was the first time we've seen Wes Hoolahan and Alex Pritchard in the same team, and they looked incredibly threatening. I don't really expect us to slow down, if anything...I can see some bigger scores on the horizon.

CC: You haven't kept a clean sheet in the league since August. How worried are you about the team's defense?

JK: Our defence has been a problem for nearly five seasons, and whilst we strengthened it when we signed Timm Klose, it's not up the scratch. The script has been very similar in most of our games, We go two nil up, concede a goal leading to a very nervy end, but we hang on (besides Newcastle). We concede cheap goals inside the box, if you watch highlights from our wind against Burton, Rotherham and Wigan you'll understand. They're virtually mistakes but they always creep in and the defenders switch off.

DW: This is a strange one as a defence consisting of Klose, Martin, Olssen and Pinto shouldn't be conceding sloppy goals. It just seems as though we defend well for 90% of the time, but when we switch off for that 10%, you can score at will. I have absolutely no confidence in us keeping a clean sheet against anyone. We couldn't even manage it against bottom of the league at home. Pinto and Olssen spend more time in the opposing half than they do in their own half, but I wouldn't want to take that away from them as that's where we threaten. Klose is a cut above the rest though, I'm amazed he's still here as he is Premier League quality through and through.

CC: Your previous luck at Craven Cottage has not been good. Any worries that Tuesday might be a repeat of things from the past?

JK: Fulham is very much Norwich's bogey team, especially when we were both up in the premier league. However, we did win comfortably last time we came up against you and I never take too much notice of these type of records, but of course physiologically it can affect the team on the receiving end.

DW: I have to say that I hate our trips to Craven Cottage, if there was ever a bogus venue for's this one. I was there when you thrashed us resulting in our relegation and every time we travel to your place, we seem to get turned over. So I have absolutely no confidence for Tuesday, just because of the venue. It's a problematic ground for us, I have no idea why it just is.

CC: Predicted lineup and score?


Norwich Predicted XI:


Tettey,Dorrans;Brady,Hoolahan,Jacob Murphy;


Scoreline 1-0 to Norwich (Dorrans)

DW: I know I said I had no confidence, but being top of the league I can't predict anything but a victory, so I'll say 2-1 to Norwich.

I imagine the team will be:

GK- McGovern

RB - Pinto

CB - Klose

CB- Martin

LB - Olssen

CM- Tettey

CM Dorrans

AML - Jacob Murphy

AMR - Howson

AMC - Hoolahan

ST - Jerome