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Fulham 2 Norwich 2: Quick thoughts

A draw that feels like a win?

Fulham v Norwich City - Sky Bet Championship Photo by Clive Rose/Getty Images

I’m too out of breath for a full recap, but I have thoughts.

  • If Fulham’s problems at home had been teams packing it in Norwich didn’t seem to think they needed to adopt the strategy. During the first fifteen minutes the game was wide open with both teams attacking nearly all out.
  • Scott Malone has been great for Fulham, but he gave away a penalty early. When you’re fighting to hold off someone for you job, that’s not something you can do. Giving up two in 45 minutes is unthinkable.
  • After the goal, Norwich did seem to pack things in a little more. When they got possession, they worked to attack as fast as possible, not concerned with keeping it. Fulham started to assert more dominance. This seemed to be a questionable strategy, until Fulham were called for a second penalty.
  • The referee seemed to lose control of the game. Players don’t mind bad reffing that much, as long as it’s consistent. It didn’t sound like he was consistent at all.
  • Just before halftime, Chris Martin hit the woodwork (the woodwork is quickly becoming our nemesis). If that had gone in, perhaps the game changes going into the second half.
  • The first have xG was Fulham .91 and Norwich 2. Considering a penalty is worth .8 xG, Fulham outplayed Norwich for most of the half.
  • Once Fulham scored, Norwich seemed lost. They didn’t seem used to the bunker and counter style they were trying to play. It wasn’t entirely shocking that Fulham were able to come back to equalize.
  • That’s a draw that feels like a win.