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EFL announces record ticket sales: Is football a business?

As EFL ticket prices fall, season ticket sales soar.

Fulham v Leeds United - Sky Bet Championship Photo by Jamie McDonald/Getty Images

Recent reports by the governing body of the EFL suggest that the popularity amongst the three leagues has reached an all time high.

The increasing number of fans coming through the turnstiles of clubs across the country, now sees the EFL home more than 500,000 season ticket holders for the first time ever in the league's history.

Out of the 500,000 season ticket holders, the Championship share the majority of season ticket holders, with 326,000 across the league.

Over the last 9 seasons, season ticket holder sales throughout the football league have grown 26% from 398,390 back in 2007, to an impressive 502,826 as of this season.

On further analysis of the overall cost of ticket prices, match day ticket prices are on the decline too. EFL revealed that the average admission price has fallen to an average of £13.11 per supporter, this compares with £14.08 of the previous season.

The consensus of Championship clubs charge £355 for their cheapest, full price adult season ticket, a cost of £15.43 per match respectively.

The cheapest adult season ticket is tied between Wigan Athletic and Fulham. Both clubs have tickets available for less than £260, a mere £11.30 per match.

Football's governing bodies often receive negative publicity towards neglecting the beating heart of the sport, the fans, However to the merit of the 72 clubs of the EFL, statistics prove that 37% increase of junior season ticket holders over the past 10 years, with more than 20% of all EFL club match attendees are now under 16.

Now who said modern day football was purely business?