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Fulham vs. Sheffield Wednesday Preview: Three questions with Sheffield Wednesday Supporters Club

Finally we end the international break. And we get to ask some friendly questions to our opponents again.

Sheffield Wednesday v Brighton & Hove Albion - Sky Bet Championship Play Off: First Leg Photo by Nigel Roddis/Getty Images

Cottagers Confidential: You currently sit 10th, but with a negative goal differential. Are you optimistic that your goal differential will catch up to your position, or are you more worried your position will end up matching your goal differential?

Sheffield Wednesday Supporters Club: More than confident. It's fair to say that things haven't yet clicked for us in any of the positions yet this season, and we are still looking for a settled line up. Far from our problems in previous years, we now seem to have an embarrassment of riches in most areas so it's hopefully just a matter of time before the right combinations are found and we kick on.

CC: The current e-ratings have you as the third best club overall with the fifth best attack and the third best defense. Is it just bad luck that the results haven't matched up to the underlying numbers? Should Fulham be worried about you regressing to the mean in this match?

SWSC: I'm not sure it's luck, good or bad that's responsible for our current position, more a case of being unable to put a run together. Fulham need to worry if we play like we can, sadly we need to worry if we play like we have been doing recently...

CC: The shot numbers show that you shoot significantly less on the road than at home. Some of the other numbers seem to imply that you tend to sit deeper on the road and defend more. But the passing and possession numbers are nearly identical. How does this team play on the road and what can Fulham expect to be up against?

SWSC: It's strange, but under Carlos our away form has been nowhere near what it is at home. We do seem far more cautious away from home, more likely to retain possession without really threatening, passing it back instead of opening up a defence.

CC: Predicted lineup and result?

SWSC: I predict. 4-4-2 at Fulham, as follows

GK Westwood
RB Palmer
LB Pudil
CB Hutchinson
CB Lees
LM Reach
CM Lee
CM Jones
RM Bannan
ST Forestieri
ST Fletcher

1-0 to Wednesday