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Fulham vs. Huddersfield: Community player ratings

Forgive us the slowness because it’s our first time rating the players as a community. You voted, and we tabulated the responses.

Fulham v Norwich City - Sky Bet Championship Photo by Clive Rose/Getty Images

We had about 40 responses to our call for ratings against Huddersfield. Hopefully we can build on that in the future. Almost all the responses were great, however there were a few of us who let our preconceived notions of players get in the way of ratings. Based on our scale (where 1 is not a pro, and a 4 is a League One player), I would be hard pressed to believe that anyone on Fulham deserved a 5 or less. To combat this, we are removing any response that falls above or below three standard deviations from the mean. So, if you’re trying to slant the ratings, please note that your responses will be removed.


David Button - Community 6.69, WhoScored 7.6

More people rated Button a 7 or higher than 6 or lower. But a someone gave him a five and someone gave him a four bringing his rating down a bit. I’m sure his performances from past games are dragging him down a bit here. I have a hard time seeing him as anything less than an average Championship keeper.

Ryan Fredericks - Communtiy 7.5, WhoScored 8.4

I thought Fredericks played well, and WhoScored agreed. He had two key passes, five tackles, five clearances, two interceptions, and a blocked shot. A third of his crosses were accurate, and he only committed one foul (though it was deemed a yellow). I’m not sure what more you want from a right back. WhoScored deemed him the highest rated player in our defense. This is the first player where some low scores had to be discarded. He received one 3 and one 4 from members of the community.

Tomas Kalas - Community 8.03, WhoScored 8.0

You and WhoScored are in perfect agreement. Kalas may be the key to Fulham’s defense. He completes 90% of his passes from the back and makes it much easier to build from the back. He had a fairly quiet game defensively, but when a center back scores, people are always going to love it.

Ragnar Sigurdsson - Community 7.40, WhoScored 7.4

Again, lots of agreement between the community and the online statistical rating system. He was the busier of our center backs defensively, and the most likely to try throwing up a long ball. His weaknesses at distribution are covered up by Kalas. He managed to contribute an assist offensively.

Scott Malone - Community 7.11, WhoScored 7.7

My surprise player of the season had another solid outing. He didn’t do a lot to fill the score sheet. Though 40% of his crosses were accurate, and 40% of his (20!) long balls were completed. That kind of passing is going to keep a defense honest and open up a lot of space for Fulham’s attackers.

Stefan Johansen - Community 7.80, WhoScored 7.3

The first player who the community saw as better than the online rating systems. It’s easy to see why the community liked what it saw. He had two key passes and completed 87% of his 50 passes. Three of his four long balls were accurate. He managed six crosses, meaning he was getting up the field. He did commit four fouls however and didn’t manage a shot or an assist. A solid, if unspectacular performance.

Kevin McDonald - Community 7.31, WhoScored 8.6

One of the largest discrepancies between the rating systems for the starters. The Community liked him, but WhoScored loved him. Six of you gave him a 6 and two of you gave him a 5, bringing his average down. Defensive midfielders don’t get a lot of love, but he put in a stellar performance. He scored a goal, had two interceptions and two clearances. He had a key pass and generally was in charge of everything that happened in the midfield for both clubs. If he plays like that, Fulham will be hard to beat.

Tom Cairney - Community 8.06, WhoScored 8.8

You loved him, WhoScored loved him even more. Two shots, a key pass, six successful dribbles, four drawn fouls, and only dispossessed once. That’s about as good as you can do offensively without scoring or registering an assist. He also led the team in passes, completed 92.5% of them, attempted two through balls, and completed all of his long ball attempts. He’s the kind of player who has a profound impact even when the scoresheet doesn’t show it.

Sone Aluko - Community 8.86 (MOTM), WhoScored 9.3

Aluko has been great for Fulham this season. He might not always score, but he creates havoc for opposing defenses. He had two assists in this match. His six successful dribbles show that he’s not afraid to run at the defense with the ball. Of the three attacking mids, he’s probably the most direct and his ability to move all over the field really gives a defense something to worry about.

Lucas Piazon - Community 7.85, WhoScored 8.3

I’m not sure what the future holds for him. He can look brilliant. He had three shots and a key pass. He completed 87% of his passes. But he didn’t take anyone on the dribble successfully, was dispossessed four times, and had four unsuccessful touches. This was a good game for him, but I think he can do better if he cuts down on his mistakes.

Chris Martin - Community 7.89, WhoScored 9.3 (MOTM)

Another large discrepancy between you and the system. Sure he scored a goal on a penalty, but he also scored another. He took six shots, almost all from dangerous areas. His hold up play was good. He didn’t have any killer passes in this game, but the setup wasn’t really asking him to. This is the player we wanted when we signed him.


Floyd Ayite - Community 6.92, WhoScored 6.25

Scott Parker - Community 7.05, WhoScored 6.17

Tim Ream - Community 6.50, WhoScored 6.11

None of the substitutes did anything to stand out, but none really did anything to harm the team either.

Huddersfield Players

Huddersfield Player Ratings

The community was split between Kasey Palmer and Mark Hudson, who just happened to be the two Huddersfield players WhoScored rated highest.

Let us know if you enjoyed this, and how we could improve it in the future. We’re going to continue to collect this ratings throughout the year, and hopefully use them to have a community ranking of players at the end of the season. Please do take the time to rate the players after each game, the more responses the better it gets.