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Tom Cairney has the goal of the year against Wolves

Tom Cairney is a magician. I’m not sure how else this goal can happen.

The game may not have had the final result that Fulham wanted, but that doesn’t stop this goal from being amazing. Fulham had one a free kick in that awkward position between the touchline and the penalty area. Floyd Ayite and Stefan Johansen both lined up over the ball, and I think everyone would have expected the right footed Ayite to whip this into the box. Notice Tom Cairney milling around uncovered at the top of the box. Johansen sees him, and curls a beautiful ball right onto his left foot. If Cairney takes the time to control the ball the scrambling Wolves defense would have had time to close him down. He must have known this as he audaciously hits it on the volley. His strike is absolutely perfect and flies into the back of the net. Watch for yourself from this view from the stands.

Another view from above shows just how hard this was.

There was a lot that could have gone wrong here. It takes a perfect pass from Johansen. The Wolves defenders have to be slow to react and leave Cairney open. Cairney not only needs to connect with the shot on the volley, he has to get his shot on target. This very easily could have turned into a play with Fulham fans pulling their hair out, but everything was executed to perfection.

Tom Cairney is magic and we are lucky to have him.