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Reading vs. Fulham: Community player ratings

It’s much more fun to rate players when Fulham win

Fulham v Queens Park Rangers - Sky Bet Championship Photo by Jordan Mansfield/Getty Images


David Button - Community 6.90, WhoScored 7.09

Reading only had two shots on target all match. It’s hard to rate a goal keeper when he didn’t have much to do. His distribution was good enough and he didn’t make an errors, so I feel a six or seven is appropriate.

Ryan Fredericks - Community 6.86, WhoScored 7.68

Fredericks didn’t do a lot to stand out, but it was his cross that was knocked in for an own goal to open the scoring. There should be a stat for that. Own goals aren’t something that happen in isolation. His dangerous ball was the reason it happened.

Tomas Kalas - Community 7.87, WhoScored 7.38

Tomas Kalas continues to be a solid player. Since Reading wasn’t attacking very much, he didn’t have a ton to do defensively. He did contribute a key pass in the attack

Tim Ream - Community 7.06, WhoScored 7.44

Tim Ream hasn’t covered himself in glory in a Fulham shirt, but if he played like he did here every week, no one would bat an eyelash when they see his name in the team sheet.

Scott Malone - Community 7.39, WhoScored 6.87

For some reason Fulham decided to attack more on their right side than on their left. This left Malone with less to do than normal. He did what he needed to do, but not much more than that.

Stefan Johansen - Community 8.74 (MOTM), WhoScored 8.74

Your man of the match as well as mine. I’m beginning to love his game. He plays defense he contributes in the attack and most of all he tries things. He led the team in key passes and long balls. Even without his goal I thought he played great.

Kevin McDonald - Community 8.19, WhoScored 7.90

A steadying influence that bosses the midfield and can contribute in the attack with a shot or an assist when needed. He’s the best defensive midfielder Fulham have had in years.

Tom Cairney - Community 8.39, WhoScored 7.90

Tom Cairney is the fulcrum the team operates around. He had 95! passes in this game. That’s 22 more than the next Fulham player. He completes well over 90% of his attempts. He completed all of his long passes and attempted Fulham’s only through ball. He’s not only calm on the ball, but he’s trying to score as well. He was second on the team with his five shots.

Sone Aluko - Community 8.61, WhoScored 8.19

It was great to see Aluko finally finish a chance. Every week it’s the same with him. When he doesn’t finish a chance he’s a good player who works very hard and does a lot to help the team. When a shot goes in, he becomes one of the better players in the league.

Floyd Ayite - Community 7.68, WhoScored 8.13

I have to say that I agree with WhoScored a bit more than the community here. I really like his game. He’s direct at time, not afraid to take a player on. He’s also got wonderful vision. He had four key passes and two assists in this match. I like the way Fulham look much more with him than Piazon.

Chris Martin - Community 8.40, WhoScored 10.00 (MOTM)

The WhoScored rating system loved him in this game. It’s not just for his two goals either. He also had two key passes and six other shots for a total of eight. This is exactly how a center forward needs to play in Slavisa’s system.


Lucas Piazon - Community 6.32, WhoScored 6.10

Scott Parker - Community 6.73, WhoScored 6.28

Neeskans Kebano - Community 6.21, WhoScored 6.13

These subs were interesting. They didn’t seem tactical so much as they were designed to get players ovations from the fans for their work. When you’re winning 5-0, I guess you can do that.

Reading Players

Chris Gunter was your choice for their man of the match. Honestly though, Danny Williams may have earned it for his red card.

Let us know if you enjoyed this, and how we could improve it in the future. We’re going to continue to collect this ratings throughout the year, and hopefully use them to have a community ranking of players at the end of the season. Please do take the time to rate the players after each game, the more responses the better it gets.