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Wolverhampton vs. Fulham: Community Ratings

This game was insane. Probably great for a neutral, but not for my heart. How did you rate the players?

Cardiff City v Wolverhampton Wanderers - Sky Bet Championship Photo by Stu Forster/Getty Images


David Button - Community 5.14, WhoScored 5.36

You didn’t like Button, and neither did WhoScored. It’s safe to say than many of you thought he could have done much better on some of those goals.

Ryan Fredericks - Community 6.86, WhoScored 7.89

You guys didn’t like him as well as WhoScored. Perhaps he could have defended better, but when your right back has three shots, three keypasses, and two assists; I think he had a pretty good game.

Tomas Kalas - Community 6.64, WhoScored 7.64

I didn’t fault him for any of the goals, and he contributed an assist. Another solid performance that only further makes me want to keep him around permanently.

Tim Ream - Community 5.14, WhoScored 6.42

He didn’t play bad, but not all the defensive blunders were his fault. When you’re up as much as Fulham were, you should be putting the defense under the kind of pressure he was in.

Scott Malone - Community 6.27, WhoScored 6.59

Another quiet game from Scott Malone. It seems hard for Fulham to have both full backs have big games at once. When one rampages, the other is quiet. I’m not sure if that’s by design or if the opponents are picking their poison.

Stefan Johansen - Community 7.82, WhoScored 7.97

Good defense, good passing, a goal, and an assist. What more can you ask for from a central midfielder?

Kevin McDonald - Community 7.23, WhoScored 7.55

Once again, great passing. Once again good defense, including a goal saving clearance off the line. He had a few key passes even though it seemed he contributed less on offense than normal.

Tom Cairney - Community 7.86, WhoScored 7.90

I would normally use words to describe Cairney’s game. But that goal. I’ll just leave it there.

Sone Aluko - Community 6.86, WhoScored 6.60

A busy game, with very little to show for it. I love Aluko, but he does need to produce a little more. He was taking shots, but not doing anything creative to help the team.

Floyd Ayite - Community 7.91 (MOTM), WhoScored 8.97 (MOTM)

People like goals, and he had two. Including the one that secured the draw. He also led the team in shots, was taking people on the dribble, and had three key passes. Throw in five defensive actions, and this is a beast of a game for him.

Chris Martin - Community 6.09, WhoScored 7.59

This is the kind of game where Martin’s contributions go unloved. He had good hold up play, excellent distribution, created chances for others, and drew fouls. But people expect strikers to score, and he only managed two shots, neither on target. That’s what people remember. People don’t remember the 90% pass completion rate, the four defensive actions, the accurate through ball and the three keypasses.


Scott Parker - Community 6.05, WhoScored 5.97

Neeskans Kebano - Community 5.30, WhoScored 6.13

Scott Parker came on to settle the team. How’d that work out? Kebano really didn’t get enough time to do anything, but he was on the field for the late equalizer, even if he didn’t knock it in himself.

Let us know if you enjoyed this, and how we could improve it in the future. We’re going to continue to collect this ratings throughout the year, and hopefully use them to have a community ranking of players at the end of the season. Please do take the time to rate the players after each game, the more responses the better it gets.