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Ipswich vs. Fulham Preview: Three Questions with Benjamin Bloom from the Blue Monday Podcast

Boxing day isn’t a big holiday in the US, but thanks to Christmas falling on a Sunday, it’s a holiday this year. Which means I have a full day of watching football, starting with Fulham travelling to Ipswich. Benjamin Bloom stops by to help us understand what Ipswich brings to the table.

Reading v Ipswich Town - Sky Bet Championship Photo by Martin Willetts/Getty Images

Cottagers Confidential: You're 9 points out of the playoff spots, and have a negative goal differential. Given that promotion looks to be a out of the question for this year, what do you want to see from the club for the rest of the year?

Benjamin Bloom: For the rest of the season I'd like to see Mick commit to a newer fresher team, both football and personnel wise. Given the probability of promotion is as you say 'out of the question' then using the remaining games to integrate Josh Emmanuel, Ted Bishop and Andre Dozzell would make a few of the anti Mick crowd a little happier. It would be great to see the team start to play through the pitch and adopt a more possession based philosophy but on the basis of the past season and a half this is unlikely!!

CC: The squad this year seems to mainly forgo possession, while Fulham is a team that craves it. Do you think letting Fulham have the ball and countering will be the strategy that is employed on Monday?

BB: I don't think we'll have a choice - when you use the word 'forgo' possession that sounds like it's a deliberate ploy whereas most ITFC fans would probably say we risk possession with long straight balls forward and build attacks through multiple phases of play based on winning the ball back. Will certainly be interesting if we start with Skuse and Douglas to see how they go against McDonald, Johansen and Cairney. All that being said we could have less than 35% possession and still win...Mick works in mysterious ways!

CC: Who is the most dangerous player on your squad this year? Who is the weak link to attack?

BB: After last weeks horror show against Wigan we are concerned about either Aluko or Ayite going against our right back Chambers who is a converted centre back and still thinks in that way. Pace in centre midfield will also cause problems!

Brett Pitman is a good penalty box striker, David McGoldrick is excellent on the ball and pulls centre halves all over the place, Freddie Sears has great pace but is more often than not wasted out wide, and Tom Lawrence has excellent acceleration. Also look out for Adam Webster stepping out from the back with the ball, classy centre half.

CC: Bonus question - Do you have any Boxing day traditions besides Football.

BB: Boxing Day a vegetarian trying to avoid a storm of cold turkey is always a priority.