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Fulham vs Blackburn Preview: Three questions

Can we thank Blackburn's inability to keep Jordan Rhodes for Fulham holding on to Ross McCormack? We sit down with freelance writer and Blackburn fan Paul Hill to talk about Rhodes and other things.

Chris Brunskill/Getty Images

Cottagers Confidential: Blackburn is just ahead of Fulham in the table. You don't seem to score much, but you don't seem to allow many goals either. What is it like watching this team?

Paul Hill: We’re not the most entertaining side to watch and we seem to be in a state of flux. Despite being relatively close to the relegation zone, the majority of Rovers fans don’t feel we are in any danger. On the other hand, we’re not any closer to play off positions. This has led to a lack of urgency and intent from the players.

CC: How do you feel you will cope without Jordan Rhodes?

PH: Whilst Rhodes was lethal if given the ball in the box, he failed to offer much more to the side, this is most probably why he rarely gets picked for Scotland despite having the best club goal scoring record amongst his country’s crop of strikers. Lambert has looked to replace him with the recently acquired trio of Watt, Graham and Gomez, each of them as showed early signs of promise as an attacking trident in a 4-3-1-2 formation.

CC: Paul Lambert is your manager now (he was also linked to Fulham for a bit). What has he changed and how are the supporters feeling about him?

PH: The early signs are that we are more solid with him at the helm and seem to be playing with more of a fluid formation, he initially started brilliantly with three wins and two draws before a run of three consecutive 1-0 defeats. If he can get the team creating more chances before the start of next season then I envisage a play-off push.

CC: Predicted lineup and score?

Prediction: Blackburn 1-0 Fulham.

Line up: Steele; Henley, Ward, Hanley, Spurr; Marshall, Akpan, Conway; Gomez; Watt, Graham.