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Who needs drugs? Tom Cairney is high on life.

Tom Cairney talks after his man of the match performance.

There's just something about a football player on a roll. In this particular case, his hair is perfectly sculpted, his smile is infectious, and he does impressive knee-slides after scoring a brace. That man is, of course, Tom Cairney.

It took Slaviša Jokanović a little while, but he finally recognized that the natural position for Cairney is in midfield, right behind the strikers. From there he can direct traffic, slide in sublime passes, and drop in the occasional goal or two.

Cairney's importance hasn't gone unnoticed by the fans, either; he's won six Man of the Match awards this year, and there are plenty of games left.

There have been nearly wholesale changes in the squad the last few years, and Slaviša will probably look to keep that trend up this summer. But no matter what, Cairney looks to be a player to build around - where he can take all of us a little higher.