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Slavisa Jokanovic: this is a must win game

Slavisa Jokanovic speaks before Bristol City visits Fulham and calls this game a must win.

Bristol City sit even with Fulham on points. But by every statistical measure, they are a much poorer squad. Fulham was able to thrash them 4-1 in Bristol earlier in the year in a moment that looked like it might turn Fulham's season around (how many moments like that has the club had and squandered in the last few years).

If Bristol were to defeat Fulham in this match, Fulham could easily find themselves in one of the relegation spots. That's something that none of us want to see. Fulham should win this game. They are the better team. But this is a funny sport, the best team doesn't always win. The best performance isn't always rewarded. Life doesn't actually work this way, but it feels like Fulham should be due.

Slavisa is adamant that they have to win the game. Hopefully they do. The panic will set in if they don't.