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Fulham vs Birmingham City Preview: Three questions with Often Partisan

Fulham needs a win. To get it they need to defeat a team on the road that embarrassed them at home. Often Partisan stops by to discuss Fulham's chances.

Harry Trump/Getty Images

Cottagers Confidential: Birmingham City are having a much better season than anyone expected? What has been the biggest surprise to you? How much better is this team than you expected?

Often Partisan: This depends on your viewpoint. Last season we finished 10th so being in 9th and pushing for playoffs seems like a natural progression... However, you have to take into account that our finances are still pretty boned and as such, we have done well. Biggest surprise I guess is we managed to hold onto Clayton Donaldson at the start of the season and that we've pretty much been able to build rather than rebuild.

CC: Fulham need to win this game badly. The last meeting was a debacle for Fulham. Is there any reason to think Fulham may have a better chance this time?

OP: We're struggling to score at the moment - so you may well not concede five. However, at home we're generally decent and we don't concede many at all so it is not going to be easy for you guys at all.

CC: If Fulham had to watch out for one player on your squad who would it be? What should they do to counter him?

OP: I'm going to say Jon Toral. He's often the centre of our creativity - close him down and don't allow him time or space to make the forward plays and you'll take him out of the game.

CC: Predicted lineup and scoreline?

OP: My predicted score - 1-0 to Blues

My predicted line up (4-2-3-1) Kuszczak, Caddis, Morrison, Robinson, Grounds, Davis, Gleeson, Cotterill, Toral, Maghoma, Donaldson.