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Watch: Fulham defeats Cardiff 2-1

Fulham win again, maybe they're finally figuring out this luck thing

This is three wins in a row. Even if I'm not sure how they did. To be honest, I would have been content with the draw against a team like Cardiff, especially since Fulham were outplayed. You're not going to win too many games when you give up over 20 shots and 12 of them are from in the penalty box.

Emerson Hyndman may very well already be as good as gone, but we'll always have that goal. He will never star for Fulham like I dreamed, but that moment will live with me forever.

Fulham are almost assuredly safe now. With a 10 point lead and 21 goals ahead of MK Dons on goal differential, I can't see anyway Fulham get relegated. So, what does the rest of the season hold? What goals can we set?

I'd love to see a few clean sheets. The defense has improved under Jokanovic, but it's still far from great.

I'd find it fun if Fulham ended up scoring the most goals this year. They're only one off the pace, and it wouldn't be shocking to see them do it. Especially if Ross McCormack can win the golden boot.

Doing those two things might just get Fulham back to a positive goal differential. It doesn't mean much, but it's something to build on. Grabbing at least two more wins, a couple clean sheets, and getting back to a positive GD might also move Fulham up past 15th place. While that doesn't sound great, last years club finished 17th with a -21 GD and let in 83 goals. They have actually improved. We seem to have found a coach. Hopefully next year will be better.