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Watch: Preston North End versus Fulham full 90

Did you miss the match? Want to watch it again? Stuck in a country where it wasn't on TV? You can watch the entire match here.

Do you remember when Fulham sometimes got lucky? Neither do I, but then it happened in this match. Fulham only had 36% of the possession. They only completed 62% of their passes. They scored from their first big chance and decided to try to sit on their lead. With Fulham's defense, I'm not sure that was the best idea.

Preston managed twenty shots, fourteen from the run of play, thirteen were from in the penalty box, and two of them were big chances (both of which were saved). Fulham only managed seven total shots, four from the run of play. Fortunately for Fulham, two of their attempts were big chances, both of which they finished.

If you play this game the same way ten times, I'm not sure how many Fulham win, but my guess it's well below 50%. They'll have to play better to get a result against Cardiff on the weekend. However, they're now seven points clear of relegation with only six games to play. Not only did they get lucky in this match, all the other results went their way. Fulham are now in 19th place with a real shot at being 16th by the end of the weekend. Can we breathe yet? Not quite, but we don't exactly need to panic either.