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Fulham vs Bolton Preview: Three questions with Lion of Vienna Suite

Bolton's season has been even worse than Fulham. Which of these two teams can end their season on a high note?

Bolton Wanderers v Charlton Athletic - Sky Bet Championship Photo by Jan Kruger/Getty Images

The community at Lion of Vienna Suite are taking relegation much better than I would. They generously answered our questions, and sent over some of there own.

Cottagers Confidential: My condolences on going down. Was this something you expected before the season? Just how horrible is it (I need to prepare myself because Fulham seem to want to join you sooner or later)?

Lion of Vienna Suite: I'd been mentally preparing since October, so it doesn't feel too bad. I should imagine that you'll be alright, but it's a slippery slope. I'm not worried about the drop, because we've been there before, but it'll be a shock to the system leaving the bright lights (relative) for the more rough and ready grounds that League One holds in store.

CC: You're the only team in the league that's given up more goals than Fulham, and only one team has scored as many as Fulham. What's the best way to attack you and is there any reason to think Fulham won't score multiple goals?

LOVS: Just shoot. Shoot straight. Our goalkeeper is a maddening mixture of brilliance and ineptitude, so shoot hard and shoot often. I suspect it'll be a decent game with a few goals for either side. It's a write-off, isn't it?

CC: As you go down, are there any players on your squad that might be leaving who would be worth it for Fulham to consider signing?

LOVS: Well our key men are Rob Holding, Zach Clough and Mark Davies. All of whom should really be playing at Championship level if not higher. Looking at your squad you are well set with forwards, but I've never rated Stearman and so I suppose Holding would be a good fit. He's Premier League quality and has just swept the boards at our Player of the Year awards and deservedly so, despite only making his debut in the last stages of 2015.

CC: Predicted score and lineup?

LOVS: I'll go with a 3-2 win for Fulham. We don't tend to score many away, and we absolutely do not win away, so I'll disregard one of those for an end of season flavour, but the win is nailed on.

Ben Amos

Lawrie Wilson

Rob Holding

David Wheater

Tyler Garrett

Neil Danns

Mark Davies

Tom Walker

Darren Pratley

Zach Clough

George Newell

LOVS: How as Jokanovic settled in?

CC: This is still up for debate. He hasn't made any decisions which you would call wacky, but his results haven't really been much better either. Which leads me to the belief that the players are the problem. Hopefully Fulham figure out how to identify players better in the next window, or next season could be another long and depressing one.

LOVS: You signed Tim Ream from us - how has he been?

CC: Invisible? He really hasn't played that much. When Fulham have played with three center backs, he often played on the left. He's also spent some time at left back. But since Fernando Amorebieta came back from his loan, he's taken most of the minutes you would expect Ream to get. Fulham's defense has been historically awful (if you win this game, you'll have given up less goals than Fulham this year), so you can't say he's been a success.

LOVS: Do you think you can hold onto Dembele and McCormack this summer?

CC: I don't think there's anyway Dembele stays. He's out of contract and has rejected multiple offers from Fulham. I think there's a good chance McCormack stays. He signed another new contract this year, so he's locked up long term and very well payed. Unless Fulham gets a Godfather offer for him, I think he'll be in West London again next year.

LOVS: Rate your season in terms of the Star Wars trilogy, with Phantom Menace being Bolton, and Force Awakens being Burnley

CC: This might be an unpopular opinion, but I'm going to go with Return of the Jedi. You may saying to yourself, "Fulham barely escaped relegation, gave up a huge number of goals, and went through three coaches," shouldn't you pick a worse movie? I recently re-watched all six movies, and if I can separate ROTJ from the feelings I got seeing it in the theater as a six year old, I can see that the movie really isn't very good. I'd argue that it is worse than the other two prequel movies.

LOVS: Give us a player to watch in the Fulham ranks

CC: I'd like to say someone other than Ross McCormack, but I can't. He's that good. I think he's really the best player in the division.

LOVS: Score prediction?

CC: I'd like to see Fulham come out strong, score at least three goals, and give us some hope going forward. Unfortunately, I think most of the players are already on vacation. I wouldn't expect much of a fight from the team. If Bolton score early, I expect Fulham to just give up. I'll say 2-0 Bolton.