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Scouting Reports: Fulham Swap-Deal Target Scott Malone

In the latest episode of Scouting Reports I give my report on potential signing Scott Malone

Stu Forster/Getty Images

Scott Malone is a left back currently playing at Cardiff City. Recently, Fulham have been liked to him as part of a swap deal where Jazz Richards would head to Cardiff. Malone has played his trade at Cardiff for only one season. He had come in from Millwall for an undisclosed fee. He made 36 starts in the Championship last season and 5 appearances coming off the bench. He has a WhoScored rating of 6.75 and his major strength is his dribbling. He likes to take the ball forward and play the ball on the ground. That would work very well with Aluko, Ayite, Woodrow, and Mccormack not being aerial threats. His passing seems to be above average so those ground passes could be very helpful with the pace of Ayite and Aluko. Also, they describe him as liking to play long balls, which would take advantage of the pace of our new attackers. A concern would be that has trouble holding onto the ball. If he loses the ball while attacking, we could get caught out on the counter but with the two holding midfielders we have been linked to, we should be able to take out that threat. Finally, he is described as a player who does not dive into a tackle. That could be good more than bad as he would be less likely to concede a penalty. We all know that we conceded way too many penalties to compete with teams at the top of the table.

The major plus of this signing is the fact that Jazz Richards would leave so I'm giving this a 10/10

Thanks for reading, if you have any suggestions about players Fulham should sign please leave them in the comments below!