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Scouting Reports: Eddy Israfilov and Steve Mounie

In the latest episode of Scouting Reports, I look at two players Fulham have been looking to sign.

David Ramos/Getty Images

With rumors of Ross McCormack's departure heating up, Fulham are deep in conversations about his replacements. Fulham have been linked with two more players this week including Montpellier striker Steve Mounie and Real Murcia midfielder Eddy Israfilov. Again, Fulham are looking outside of England for possible difference makers for the upcoming season.

Steve Mounie

Club: Montpellier

Goals: 11 in Ligue 2

Appearances: 32 in Ligue 2, 2 in Ligue 1

Fulham have been linked with a 6 million pound move for Benin and Montpellier striker Steve Mounie. Earlier in the summer, Fulham were linked to Sehrou Guirassy, a player in the mold of Moussa Dembele. After losing Guirassy to FC Koln, Fulham have turned their gaze to what seems to be a mirror image, Steve Mounie. Mounie played the majority of last season in Ligue 2 for Olympique Nimes, and scored 11 goals for them in their survival campaign. He is not the quickest player in the world, but is very agile and skillful for a 6'2" striker. His dribbling seems above average, and he has a very nice shot. With the signing of Aluko and Ayite, Mounie woud be the perfect target man, and woud also add a skillful dimension to the position that Smith does not have. 6 million pounds is a lot of money, but if Fulham spend it on Mounie, I think all fans will be happy.

Eddy Israfilov

Club: Real Murcia

Goals: 0

Assists: 0

Appearances; 1 start in La Liga 5 substitute appearances, 14 appearances in LaLiga2

Yellow Cards: 2 in La Liga, 7 in La Liga 2

Eddy Israfilov, commonly known as "Eddy", is a midfielder contracted to Real Murcia in Spain. Murcia currently play in the third tier of Spanish football, but Eddy has no interest in joining them there. He has played a solid season in La Liga 2, and believes he should not be moving down in this stage of his career. He is an industrious midfielder, who likes to run box-to-box. He is tall and has good speed and strength, which he would need for a rough season in the Championship. His passing seems a bit above average, while his shot is a little below. The price tag for him seems to be an initial fee of 200,000 Euros with a further 200,000 going, if we are promoted. This signing almost reminds me of Mattila, however I believe that Eddy will have greater success here than Mattila has

In conclusion, I think Mounie would be a great success at the club while Eddy would be more of a role-player.

Thanks for reading, if you have any suggestions for future episodes of Scouting Reports, please eave them in the comments below.