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CCFL: Gameweek 2 recap

Stuani, Ibrahimovic, Nolito and Aguero headline the dream team

Stoke City v Manchester City - Premier League Photo by Chris Brunskill/Getty Images

Hello friends! Gameweek 2 of the Premier League season has come to a close and it was definitely entertaining. The new top three of the Cottagers Confidential Fantasy League are as follows:

  1. bunch of kantes with 148 points
  2. Barry Leathercushion with 142 points
  3. Inibrahnated with 140 points

So well done to these teams but also very well done to everyone. As a whole, Cottagers Confidential Fantasy League finished with an average of 60.43 points, which is 3.43 points above the average of all Premier League Fantasy players. So collectively we’re smarter than the average fantasy manager. Hooray!

Having said that, the players of CCFL also got smarter from gameweek 1. Here are some summary statistics:

Min. : 0.00

1st Qu. : 36.00

Median : 45.00

Mean : 43.64

3rd Qu. : 54.50

Max. : 70.00

And some summary statistics from gameweek 2:

Min. : 33.00

1st Qu. : 50.00

Median : 61.00

Mean : 60.43

3rd Qu. : 68.00

Max. : 122.00

And its always fun to look at graphs:

If you have played FPL before you would know that most fantasy teams typically perform better in the second gameweek than in the first (the main problem of gameweek one is just attempting to pick players that will actually start the match for their respective teams) but it’s kind of fun to see the data back that up. Here the main takeaway is that number of points for the average CCFL player went up by about 17 points from gameweek 1. The standard deviation also went down from 15.14 to 14.49 from gameweek 1 to gameweek 2 which means that players scores were (slightly) closer together (i.e. gameweek 2 was more competitive than the 1st.) Also, to my disappointment the data didn’t follow any obvious distribution.

As always feel free to comment and don’t forget to check Never Manage Alone for all of your FPL needs. Till next time...