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Fulham 2 Middlesbrough 1: Quick thoughts

Fulham remain unbeaten as they advance in the EFL Cup.

Fulham v Middlesbrough - EFL Cup Photo by Jordan Mansfield/Getty Images

It was a hot day at the Cottage, and the club recommended people wear shorts. That quickly turned into a bad idea as the first half was played in a torrential rain.

The Fulham lineup was very young and you might expect them to struggle against a top flight team. Even if it was mostly reserves versus mostly reverves, you would think the Middlesbrough reserves would have been better.

While Fulham did concede a goal early, they mostly held their own in the first half. Boro had a bit more possession, but Fulham was about equal in most of the relevant statistics.

The second half opened up with Fulham playing much better, and they were rewarded when Scott Malone was able to bundle in a goal (or was it an own goal, or was it Lasse Vigen Christensen?).

Both teams had their chances, but we got 30 minutes of extra soccer!

Matt Smith and Luca De La Torre both came on in extra time. Smith gave Fulham a great chance to win it when he pushed a header just over the bar. Sean Kavanagh also just missed a winner as his shot was headed off the line.

De La Torre was able to turn and passed to Scott Malone who slid a ball in for LVC who was able to finish to give Fulham the 2-1 lead deep into extra time.

Quick Observations

  • The results of this game, especially with this lineup, was less important than how they played. They played well enough for me to be satisfied no matter the result.
  • I’m curious as to why Grimmer came off for Kavanagh.
  • Tim Ream had a really good game. He’s probably the fourth center back now, and if that’s your fourth center back, you’re doing well.
  • This team had plenty of chances to roll over, and didn’t. That’s not something you could always say in the past.
  • Scott Malone has already done more than Jazz Richards ever did. I’m pretty happy with that transaction.
  • Fulham remain unbeaten. I repeat, Fulham remain unbeaten.