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Cottage Cheese - Winning habits

The final instalment of Cottage Cheese before the international break, at the end of an unbeaten August.

Monaco GP: Tag Heuer Event Photo by Dan Istitene/Getty Images for TAG Heuer

Yet another eventful week for The Cottagers of the back of the 2-2 draw with Cardiff City last weekend. Midweek saw Premiership outfit Middlesbrough as the EFL Cup came to town.

Fulham looked to be on the back foot early on but an own goal from De Sart saw The Whites claw their way back into the game.

Deep into stoppage time saw LVC put the home side in front. Fulham held on for their sixth consecutive game without a loss, as the club book their place in third round tie away at fellow Championship side Bristol City.

Saturday's game saw the side travel to Ewood Park in hopes to finish August in style against Blackburn Rovers.

The Cottagers did just that in drama style as former Rovers man Cairney delivered the goods deep into additional time, to keep the sides unbeaten start alive.

Hello darkness my old friend

You can see the moment the joy left the keepers eyes, but you just can't keep a good dog down.

Mom said we can have a sleepover!

The boys rush to the cottage to prepare for the evening’s fun.

You call that dancing?!

Is Slav about to engage in a managers dance off.

Preventing the de-Cline

Is Parker guiding Mr Cline towards the door?

Your not going anywhere!

Malone makes sure that young Sess doesn't leave The Whites

Slavisa Joke-novic

The guys don't look amused by the gaffer’s jokes.

Anyone else scared of Parker?

The big Scotsman is a little worried by Parker’s passion after his equalizer.

Is Billy about to take the Championship by storm?

Fulham announce their new striker.

Who said blue was out?

Slav looks a little disheartened with his new wardrobe change.

Stat’ll do

Slav looks smug as he continues to keep the upper hand over the boardroom.

The balls are heavy this neck of the woods

Kebano had no idea how hard the balls are in England.

Containing Cairney

The boys trying to contain Cairney as he finds his inner beast at the beginning of the season.

The only way to stop Fulham at the moment

Looks like Blackburn have been focusing on Rugby not Football.

Khan’t imagine that's what the boss had in mind

The Riverside Stand project looks to have taken a turn.