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Watch: Slavisa Jokanovic says Newcastle will be a big test

Slavisa Jokanovic talks Newcastle, McCormack, and the start of a project

Slavisa gives his first preview video of the year. It’s kind of refreshing to see the difference in styles between his interviews and the previous Fulham managers.

He acknowledges that Newcastle for the first fixture of the year is a very big test for the club, and it’s a little unusual to have such a big game right off the bat.

When asked about the departure of McCormack (and to a lesser extent Dembele), he says that expects the club to use that money and more to improve the club.

He still thinks they are four to five players short of where they need to be. He specifically stated that he would like one center back, one central midfielder, and one or two strikers. He wants more fresh blood in the team.

Slavisa reiterated that his plan was to build around Ross McCormack until early in the preseason when the Scottish Striker stated he wanted to go. Jokanovic only wants players who want to be there with him.

He refers to this season as the start of a new project. It seems like there is plan from top to bottom, and it’s very refreshing versus some of the things we have heard in the past. Of course, he will be judged (either fairly or unfairly) on results. There’s just over twenty four hours until