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Scouting Reports: Jozabed, Matej Vydra, Filip Helander, and Nemanja Nikolic

In the latest episode of Scouting Reports, I look at four players Fulham have been linked to signing: Spanish midfielder Jozabed, Czech forward Matej Vydra, Swedish center back Filip Helander, and Hungarian striker Nemanja Nikolic

Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno/Getty Images

Ross McCormack has been sold by Fulham to Aston Villa for 12 million pounds. With the influx of cash coming in, Fulham have now identified four main targets to spend their new money on. In this special post-McCormack episode of Scouting Reports, I look at all four of the targets.

McCormack: 14 million €

Jozabed: 4 million €

Club: Rayo Vallecano

Appearances: 24 starts, 3 subs

Goals: 9

Assists: 2

WhoScored Rating: 6.69

Jozabed is an attacking midfielder currently playing for Rayo Vallecano in LaLiga, where he mostly played in a central role focused more on attacking. He scored nine goals last year which is quite high considering his position, butt is fascinating to see a relitivley small amount of assists for a CAM. WHile at Vallecano though, he played more of a shadow striker role, so the ratio is understandable. Jozabed could fulfill the goal scoring central midfield role that has been empty ever since Sidwell left. The inclusion of Jozabed would allow Cairney to focus on passing and eating attacks, instead of trying to finish all of the attacks he starts. Overall, I think Jozabed would be a top quality signing and would have the quality to play in the premier league.

Matej Vydra: 7 million €

Club: Watford

Appearances: 24 starts, 7 subs

Goals: 3

Assists: 3

WhoScored Rating: 6.46

Matej Vydra is a name fans should remember as he participated in Watford's 5-0 win over Fulham at the Cottage two years ago. After struggling for game time in the Premier League, Vydra went out on loan to Reading last season where he only managed 3 goals. Despite this tally, I still believe Vydra would be a quality signing. He had a great season for Watford during their promotion campaign, and also has a good relationship with Jokanovic. From what I have seen, Vydra is a quick player who likes the ball played at  his feet. He could work very very well in the new small ball system. Despite all of this, I would pass on the chance to sign him, and go for a player mentioned later in this article in Nemanja Nikolic. If we could sign both, though I doubt we can, I would.

FIlip Helander: 4 million €

Club: Hellas Verona

Appearances: 21 starts, 3 subs

Goals: 2

Assists: 0

WhoScored Rating: 6.53

FIlip Helander had a nightmare season last year as his team, Hellas Verona, were relegated from the Serie A. Helander, however, was one of their best performers. He was a standout in the center of their woeful defence. He is dominant in the air, but can also defend fairly well on the ground. He would slot in very well with Kalas and Madl in a three at the back, or work well with madl while Kalas plays out on the right in a four at the back. Kalas would be playing on the right due to the injury to Ryan Fredericks. Some may scoff at the idea of paying 4 million for a center back who was relegated. That being said, Kyle McFadzean was signed by Burton Albion for a club record fee, although the previous record was only 20k €.

Nemanja Nikolic: 6 million €

Club: Legia Warszawa

Appearances: 37 Euros: 2 subs

Goals: 27 Euros: 0

Assists: 9 Euros: 0

This is the man to fire us to promotion. Call me crazy, but from what I have watched of him he looks a top quality player. He's not extremely fast but has one hell of a shot. He is a poacher and a chance creator which may remind you of another striker we have had. His finishing is crisp, and he looks as if he has ice running through his veins. Nemanja Nikolic would be the perfect replacement for Ross McCormack. We have all of the other pieces in place, now all we need is a striker and for me that is Nikolic. He left the Ekstraklasa in ruins and also played at the Euros. Jokanovic could spend eight million euros on him and I would still be happy, though I think Warsawa would accept six. Signing Nikolic would eliminate the need to sign Vydra and would allow us to relocate that money towards Helander and potentially more signings.

(Nikolic Far Right)

Net Spend: -7 Million €

Without Vydra: 0 Million €

Every player fulfills a need that we currently have. While I don't believe we need both Vydra and Nikolic, I would welcome both, though I obviously prefer Nikolic. Helander and Jozabed both fill in roles that are currently empty so no conflict there. In conclusion, Slavisa has lined up 4 brilliant targets and I hope to see all of them at the Cottage this year.

Thanks for reading, if you have any suggestions for further episodes of Scouting Reports, please leave them in the comments below.